The Wildly Successful Adventures of the Getaway Girl Gifts Founder

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So who the h-e-double hockey sticks is this crazy chick who designed all of these crazy, colorful quotable designs here in this ecommerce store?


My name is Patti Samar and I’ve been a writer and graphic designer throughout my 30 (gulp)-plus year career. I am the original “getaway girl” and someday I’m going to have the cape and superhero costume to prove it.

I put these designs together a decade ago when, probably after a few too many cocktails, it sounded like a good idea to establish a greeting card company. I did, in fact, put the greeting card company together and while I had some limited success selling greeting cards, overall, I like to call it my “Wildly Unsuccessful Venture in Selling Greeting Cards.”

Why Getaway Girl?
At the time that I was establishing the Wildly Unsuccessful Greeting Card Company, I was smack dab in the middle of an almost 20-year sailboat racing hobby. I lived and died for getting on a sailboat somewhere on the Great Lakes anywhere from three to five days a week every summer from mid-May to early October.

I started the greeting card adventure in order to create a passive income through the hoped-for Wildly Successful Greeting Card Venture so that I could, at some point in life, sail off into the proverbial sunset and “getaway” from the work-a-day world.

Yeahhh…how’s that goin’ for you, Patti Jean? (See “Wildly Unsuccessful Greeting Card Venture, above) ;)

The original premise of the greeting card company was to create a quotable, woman-to-woman greeting card line that women would purchase with the intent of sending cards to their favorite gal-pals. The quotes are all female-centric and friendship-centric.

Well, the long story short is that the greeting card venture did not turn out as planned at that point in time for a long list of reasons. However, in 2016 I took a look at the designs and thought, “You know, I think they are still decent and snarky. I still love (most) of the quotes I selected. What else can I do with this artwork so it isn’t just taking up space on my hard drive?”

The fact that I still think most of them were good choices even 10 years after selecting them tells me they stand the test of time, just like most of our female friendships do.

And hence, this print-on-demand ecommerce store was born.

And as for me, now 10-years down the line from my original thought of using them as a part of a Wildly Successful Greeting Card Venture?

Lots has changed in my life over the past 10 years. I got married. We bought a beach. I’ve discovered it is a lot less work to sit on a beach and drink margaritas and WATCH sailboat racing than it is to actually BE on the sailboat. I no longer race on a sailboat every weekend, but I still love to spend time on the water (and on a sailboat), but most summer weekends I am more likely to be found using my paddleboard zipping up and down (okay, “zipping” probably isn’t truth…”wobbling along” is probably more accurate) the shore of Lake Huron where I live while my husband sits on the beach, drinking beer and cringing each time I fall off the paddleboard.

I have also become very passionate about telling women’s stories. Visit or to follow along with the adventures of the awesome women I meet and interview on the Great Lakes.

I look forward to sharing stories and adventures with you here. Most of the blog posts on this ecommerce site will be about women and friendship, to follow along with the original intent of the Wildly Unsuccessful Greeting Card Company because truth be told, most female friendships are Wildly Successful and Wildly Fun.

Peace out,
Patti, the Original Getaway Girl

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