About Us

43 Degrees North Gifts is a division of the business empire owned by Patti Samar, a writer and graphic designer who resides in Port Huron, Michigan. Samar spends her summers sailing, kayaking and drinking wine on her Lake Huron beach, making the most of her 43 Degrees North lifestyle.

43 Degrees North Gifts is all about finding your true north...what motivates you and inspires you. For Patti, it has always been the wind, the waves and the ever-changing Great Lakes. That is where she finds her center...her True North.

She lives on the shores of Lake Huron at 43 Degrees North. She believes that if you are lost, you will always find your True North once you have found a way to serve others...because by giving back, you always receive more than you gave away in the first place. 

Her writing and design work has garnered awards from organizations such as the Detroit Press Club Foundation and the Associated Press. She has written, edited and designed for publications such as Seventeen magazine (at the tender age of 17!), the Detroit Free Press, the Milwaukee Sentinel, Michigan Business, and Woman’s Life magazine, among others. Samar holds both a master of arts degree in English and writing and a bachelor of science degree in English from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan.

In 2011, she established Blue Water Woman magazine, a regional publication that features women of Michigan's lower Thumb communities. To learn more about this publication, visit BlueWaterWoman.com.

In 2016, she established GreatLakesWoman.com, a blog dedicated to telling the stories of women who live, work and play in the entire Great Lakes region.

In 2018, she established SuperiorWoman.Net, a blog dedicated to telling the stories of women who live, work and play in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Lake Superior region of the United States.

In 2000, Samar established The Write Company, a writing, graphic design and marketing consulting firm based in Port Huron and she continues to serve a diverse collection of clients. View her portfolio at TheWriteCompany.net.

Samar has worked as a marketing and communications professional since 1985 for a diverse collection of organizations that include educational and financial institutions, the health care industry and the state government. 

She is proudly and shamelessly a liberal Democrat.